The future of designing and making

The Design and Manufacturing Futures laboratory is researching and creating the tools and technologies of tomorrow, providing game-changing capability for the design, manufacture, operation and disposal of next generation products and machines.


  • Ben Hicks

    Ben Hicks

    Professor, Director

  • Aydin Nassehi

    Aydin Nassehi

    Reader, Codirector

  • Chris Snider

    Chris Snider


  • James Gopsill

    James Gopsill


  • Jason Yon

    Jason Yon


  • Mike Harvey

    Mike Harvey

    Industrial Fellow

  • David Jones

    David Jones

    Research Associate

  • Mark Goudswaard

    Mark Goudswaard

    Research Associate

  • Reza Imani Asrai

    Reza Imani Asrai

    Research Associate

  • Peter Rosso

    Peter Rosso

    Research Engineer

  • Harry Felton

    Harry Felton

    Research Engineer

  • Lee Kent

    Lee Kent

    Research Engineer

  • Ric Real

    Ric Real

    Research Engineer

  • Chris Cox

    Chris Cox

    Research Engineer

  • Harry White

    Harry White

    Research Engineer

  • Owen Freeman Gebler

    Owen Freeman Gebler

    Research Associate (Alumni)

  • Andrew Ma

    Andrew Ma

    Research Engineer (Alumni)

  • David Mathias

    David Mathias

    Research Engineer (Alumni)

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    Version 1 of the PCA toolkit is shown in the picture below. It contains a first set of products and initiatives designed to contribute towards a safe transition out of lockdown. For more information about each entry please see below the picture. A PDF version of the toolkit can be downloaded with this link. Reducing […]

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    Through the winter semester this year 2nd year students at the University have completed PCA projects as part of their core teaching. Focusing on developing designs that anyone can build at home to reduce their risk of transmission, Students were tasked to develop devices that removed the need for contact with surfaces and buttons on […]

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