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The Design and Manufacturing Futures laboratory is researching and creating the tools and technologies of tomorrow, providing game-changing capability for the design, manufacture, operation and disposal of next generation products and machines.


  • Ben Hicks

    Ben Hicks

    Professor, Director

  • Aydin Nassehi

    Aydin Nassehi

    Reader, Codirector

  • Chris Snider

    Chris Snider


  • Jason Yon

    Jason Yon


  • James Gopsill

    James Gopsill


  • David Jones

    David Jones

    Research Associate

  • Owen Freeman Gebler

    Owen Freeman Gebler

    Research Engineer

  • Mark Goudswaard

    Mark Goudswaard

    Research Engineer

  • David Mathias

    David Mathias

    Research Engineer

  • Peter Rosso

    Peter Rosso

    Research Engineer

  • Andrew Ma

    Andrew Ma

    Research Engineer

  • Harry Felton

    Harry Felton

    Research Engineer

  • Lee Kent

    Lee Kent

    Research Engineer

  • Denis Plavljanić

    Denis Plavljanić

    Research Engineer

  • Haihong Li

    Haihong Li

    Visiting Research Fellow

Recent Posts

  • Hybrid Prototyping – Physical Implementation

    The potential benefits of coupling LEGO and FDM printing in a hybrid prototyping have been shown through idealised simulations, however it needs to be feasible and practical to implement for it to be a useful approach to prototyping. This figure illustrates in 2D how a design can be prototyped out of LEGO and FDM printed […]

  • City Blocks – Urban Planning Through Play

    How do you design a city? What should it look like? What would living there be like? The Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab develop new ways to design, experience and learn about the way things we use every day, from the tiny to the huge. City Blocks is an exploration into how immersive technologies can […]

  • CIRPe Conference 2018

    Mark will be presenting an overview of the design methodology being implemented as part of his doctoral research at the 2018 CIRPe conference in the coming weeks.  Below is a teaser video for what he will cover in his full talk which will follow soon!