Anarchic Manufacturing

Exploring distributed manufacturing systems, where decision making autonomy and authority is delegated at the lowest level in a manufacturing system (between jobs, machines, resources) without any central oversight or control.

Project Lead: Andrew Ma

Recent Posts

  • Anarchic Manufacturing at CMS and FAIM 2019 - Anarchic manufacturing has been published and presented at two conferences this month, visiting Slovenia and Ireland. CMS 2019 In Ljubljana Slovenia anarchic manufacturing was used to model cloud manufacturing and to analyse if paying a premium would secure a supply chain; published in Procedia CIRP (link below) and presented at… Read More
  • Anarchic Manufacturing on the road - Andrew has been to two conferences, CIMS (Cambridge) and CARV (Nantes) road-showing Anarchic Manufacturing systems and presenting two conferences papers discussing how Anarchic Manufacturing compares to hierarchical and centralised systems when applying scenarios on: mass customisation, scale and complexity. At CIMS, Andrew has enjoyed the networking opportunities, whether in Christ… Read More
  • Anarchic Manufacturing’s first journal publication - Anarchic Manufacturing has its first journal publication! Andrew explains in-depth the mechanics of Anarchic Manufacturing and challenges the assumption that distributed systems are inherently more flexible than centralised systems in the International Journal of Production Research. Here is a link to the paper:¬†Anarchic Manufacturing Anarchic systems is going on a… Read More
  • The Architecture of Anarchic Manufacturing - Are traditional centralised and hierarchical structures too cumbersome for the digital age? Would a radical (and controversial) view to solving the shop-floor scheduling and control problem be better? With the rise of digital manufacturing technologies and Industry 4.0, many are considering whether current methods for scheduling and controlling (and ultimately… Read More