Injury Prevention Photospheres

Working with colleagues in the School of Social and Community Medicine we have produced a demonstration photosphere for health visitors to use with families to identify injury hazards.  The photosphere environment enables a hi-resolution 3-dimensional photorealistic view of a room/rooms to be constructed from a scene-scan using a mobile phone camera.  We have created three tools:
  1. A training tool using a demonstration house that supports education and training activities for health visitors with families.
  2. A ‘gamified’ version enabling users to test their knowledge and compete with each other.
  3. An audit tool enabling health visitors to co-audit a family home with the family. This uses photospheres taken in the users home and then marked up with hazards. The resulting photosphere can be saved and used for benchmarking or deleted once a poster has been generated that can be printed and sent to the family.
The project was undertaken in collaboration with Prof Alan Emond and Dr Toity Deave from the School of Social and Community Medicine at the University of Bristol.



Assessing & Tagging