Chris Cox MENG

Chris is a Postgraduate Researcher in the third year of his PhD.

He completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Bristol in 2019, focusing on machine design. During his undergraduate course he worked in collaboration with CERN, investigating the manufacture of a new design of superconducting electromagnet, and was the Team Director for the university’s Formula Student team.

Chris started his PhD investigating the use and value of Digital Threads as part of the DETI initiative. Since then he has started looking at possible applications of haptic feedback in engineering design and the role that haptics play when creating Mixed Reality (MR) prototypes.

He is currently running an experiment investigating the role played by size and mass in affecting a user’s perception of an MR prototype. This work will go on to inform a tool-kit of best practices when creating MR prototypes, helping to maximise their value and minimise their cost and required development time.

Outside the office, Chris enjoys DIY, skiing, and running. He is also in the very (very) slow process of restoring a 1972 MGB GT.

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