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Lee KentLee Kent MEng

Lee is a Postgraduate Researcher in his 2nd Year of a PhD. His areas of interest include mixed reality, game engine technologies and democratising design.

After graduating from the University of Reading with a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering in 2016, completing an IET accredited two-year graduate scheme in industry, and spending a year as part of a Virtual Reality Research and Development team, he started an Engineering Design PhD with the Design Manufacturing Futures Lab.


City Blocks – Using play to democratise urban planning. The tool can be extended to any spatial planning activity.

Augmented Prototyping – Utilising new mixed reality technologies to enhance the design process.

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  • Game Engines for Research - Over the summer, we employed some of our undergraduate engineering students to help out with research projects¬†as summer interns. They explored a range of opportunities and a bunch of cutting edge tech and ideas, such as Brain Controlled Interfaces for Design; Gesture-driven CAD and Immersive Prototyping. To enrich their time… Read More
  • City Blocks at Build: London - City Blocks was delighted to be invited to Build London, hosted jointly by Royal Institute of British Architects and Epic Games, as one of the 'carefully curated selection of best in class Unreal Engine projects'! The event was hosted at the RIBA headquarters in London on the 25th September with… Read More
  • City Blocks at AVR19 - City Blocks is back on the road, this time stopping at AVR Salento, Italy. A study into engaging citizens with urban planning was presented, utilising the data collated at the Bristol Housing Festival mentioned in a previous post. Also considered in the presentation were how usable the platform is, the… Read More
  • City Blocks at IEEEVR 2019 - During the successful pilot of City Blocks at Bristol Housing Festival, 149 unique cities were created by 125 designers with a range of urban planning experience and knowledge. Each physically created city, using Lego as an abstracted physical design kit, was scanned and has a full scale explorable virtual city;… Read More
  • City Blocks – Urban Planning Through Play - How do you design a city? What should it look like? What would living there be like? The Design and Manufacturing Futures Lab develop new ways to design, experience and learn about the way things we use every day, from the tiny to the huge. City Blocks is an exploration… Read More