Mark Goudswaard

Mark Goudswaard PhD

Mark is a Research Associate on Proto-twinning.  As part of this project his interest lies in how digital capture of prototypes can be combined with design rationale and reasoning in order to improve the product development process.

His doctoral research centred on the democratisation of design for additive manufacture – investigating how the practice of design can be made more accessible to enable more people to reap the benefits afforded by additive manufacture.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Bristol, where he gained a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.


Recent Posts

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  • Virtually-hosted hackathons for design research - This video was originally presented at the Design Conference 2022 and provides an overview and appraisal of the International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) challenge - a virtually hosted design hackathon run with the aim of generating a design research dataset that can provide insights into design activities at virtually… Read More
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  • The democratisation of design and new paradigms for global manufacture - Last week I gave a talk for La Universidad de Los Andes (Uniandes) in Bogota about the democratisation of design and new paradigms for manufacture which were the themes for my doctoral research.  It was great to share this with colleagues at Uniandes and have a go at an extended… Read More
  • EEG Internship in the DMF lab - Written by Adam McGlenaghan Throughout the summer, I have been completing an internship with the DMF lab focusing on the use of Electroencephalogram (EEG) in design. I have thoroughly enjoyed the summer and it has introduced me to many exciting areas of ongoing research, as well as working as part… Read More
  • Revisiting prototyping in 2020: A snapshot of practice in UK Design Companies - Prototyping is an indispensable activity in the product development process but what does prototyping practice in industry look like? In this video we take a 'snapshot' of prototyping practice from 5 companies to see how practice has evolved and understand what the characteristics of industrial practices are.This work was presented… Read More
  • Comparison of digitisation methods: photogrammetry and structured light scanning - What are the differences in performance and usability of digitisation techniques?  In this video we compare two such methods; photogrammetry and structured light scanning.For more details please see the full paper on the link here work was presented at the International Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2021.  Read More
  • The IDEA Challenge 2021 - The IDEA (International Design Engineering Annual) Challenge just completed its first iteration! Inspired by current events, this year’s participants competed to develop a novel vaccine transport system to aid in the distribution of vaccines across rural Colombia. Fourteen participants from across four institutions participated. Over the course of four days,… Read More
  • How are prototypes fungible? - Prototyping constitutes a wide range of methods spanning both physical and digital domains, each with their respective benefits and drawbacks. Different methods are used in the product development process (PDP) to generate knowledge about both the problem and design solution. A key ingredient to successful product development is ensuring that the right… Read More
  • Research internship investigating BCI applications in engineering design - Written by Louise Larsson Summary of project and intended outcomes In my individual research project this term I investigated potential alternative user interfaces for computer-aided design, CAD, software and brain-computer interfaces in particular. That is looking into the prospects of making designing more intuitive and accessible by introducing brain control… Read More