reDesign with Refactoring

reDesign with Refactoring

refactoring process

Project Lead: Peter Rosso

CAD models often need to be modified and/or reused. Thus it is essential to create easily editable CAD models which designers can make sense of quickly and that require the least amount of editing and/or rework. The cost of editing and rework can be significant for companies that rely on legacy CAD models/past designs that must be modified in response to changes in the design, changed or altered manufacturing process(es) and the newer versions of the CAD environment. In addition to these factors, there are many different ways to construct a CAD model within a single environment. Such variability presents a significant obstacle to creating easily or the most easily editable CAD models.

Refactoring aims to increase the editability of CAD models.

Call for Editability Study: Exploring CAD Modelling approaches in Fusion 360

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