Unlocking Design Potential: The Power of Mixed Fidelity, Mixed Reality Prototypes

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Mixed Reality (MR) technologies have emerged as potential game-changers in the design landscape, offering a dynamic blend of physical and virtual elements. Designers are increasingly drawn to MR for its potential to elevate, enrich, and expedite prototyping endeavors. One intriguing aspect is MR’s ability to deceive our senses, bridging the gap between the virtual and […]

Improving mixed-reality prototyping through a classification and characterisation of fidelity

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Improving mixed-reality prototyping through a classification and characterisation of fidelity – Design Conference 2022 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln04nqX1IL8 Prototyping is a vital activity in product development. For reasons of time, cost and level of definition, low fidelity representations of products are used to advance understanding and progress design. With the advent of Mixed Reality prototyping, the ways in […]

UoB engineering students learn how to develop Digital Twins for products and production facilities

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Two groups of final year Mechanical Engineering students at the University of Bristol spent the first half of 2021 working on Digital Twin-based projects. The students have used many of the tools, methods, and expertise within the DETI consortia to design, develop and implement from first principles the foundations of Digital Twins for a product […]

Demystifying Digital “X” – ICED Conference Paper

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The DMF lab recently (remotely) attended the International Conference of Engineering Design (ICED) 2021 to present seven papers. One of these, authored by Chris Cox, Ben Hicks and James Gopsill, investigates the new language surrounding the paradigm shift towards digital engineering. This presentation was shown at ICED 2021 as part of the “Digital Twins” panel, […]

CAD Variability: an overview.

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I have been working on justifying the need for refactoring in CAD models. The results of this analysis will be presented at the CAD’20 conference which will be held on ZOOM this coming July due to COVID outbreak. The extended abstract Investigating and characterising variability in CAD modelling: An overview gives an overview of the […]

DMF Lab hosts Prof Larry Mallak from WMU

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The Lab hosted Prof Larry Mallak – Professor of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management from Western Michigan University this week. With the focus of the visit on Innovation and Enterprise we toured the regions rich ecosystem of incubators for technology and enterprise. These included: Unit DX incubator specialising in science-based start-ups. Engine Shed […]