Vaccine Distribution Solutions in collaboration with La Universidad de Los Andes

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The Project Clean Access team are working in collaboration with La Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota to develop innovative cold-storage distribution solutions that could assist in delivering vaccines to the most remote areas of Colombia. The challenges in achieving this are significant due to Colombia’s diverse landscapes (including rainforest, desert and mountains), significant climate […]

Mechanical occupancy counter – 3D printed

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Limiting the number of people inside a shop or venue can help to maintain social distancing. This 3D printed mechanical counter can be placed in the doorway of a shop or other venue to count the number of people inside. The parts list, instructions, and 3D files to build your own counter are available here: Instructables […]

Social Distancing Glasses

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Introduced as a measure to prevent the transmission of contagious disease, social distancing, or the act of maintaining a physical distance from others has inadvertently remained a restriction on society throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. Whilst many have followed guidance such as keeping 2m apart or complying with new and occasionally unclear distanced shopping systems, it’s […]