Mask Design @ La Universidad de Los Andes

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From August to December 2020 the PCA team were working in collaboration with la Universidad de Los Andes in supporting students who were developing innovative, improved mask designs for minimising viral spread on public transport as part of their Proyecto Intermedio. The project spanned 16 weeks broken down into 4×4 week sprints with a review […]

The T-Pen

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The T-Pen design features a dongle with a “T” shaped head that allows the user to apply force in 3 axes to an adapter. The concept is for each person to have a T-Pen that is capable of working in adapters placed around a workplace, home, shop etc.. This would allow people to open doors and operate mechanisms without touching a surface someone else may have come into contact with – breaking the COVID-19 transmission path. A lid is also provided to allow the pen to be covered when not in use.

The USB-Pen Interface

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Building on the USB interface, the design can be extended to also allow a pen (standard biro) or pencil to be used. This extends the “upcycle” mantra associated with the USB design, but comes with the penalty of not having any depth control due to the uncertainty surrounding the pen used. The design can be 3D printed in under 10 minutes and cost less than 2p each.

The Upcycled USB

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A simple adapter has been developed, that can be rapdily printed using FFF and SLA technologies, to allow someone to use a USB stick to open doors and operate simple mechaisms and break transmission paths of COVID-19.
The simple design, that takes less than 15 minutes to print on our standard 3D printers costs just £0.04 and can take advantage of the old USB sticks people have at home and in the workplace. If the USBs available also have a retracting head, or a cover for the interface, the contact patch can be sealed from the user when not in use.

Rapid Manufacturing: open-source prototype low cost emergency ventilator

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In recent weeks the fight against Covid-19 has seen both an exponential demand for key medical equipment and an array of restrictions imposed on global manufacturing and supply chains, resulting in a debilitating shortage of necessary healthcare provisions; inhibiting the capacity of health services to treat patients with potentially catastrophic consequences. The scale of this […]