New Conference Papers – International Conference on Geometry and Graphics

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In August I will be presenting at the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics (ICGG), held in Milan, Italy. The peer-reviewed papers which have been accepted are: From Orthographic Drawings to Editable Models of Simple Solids using “Reconstruction-Recomposition” coupled with Feature Recognition: explores reconstruction of parametric models using Fusion 360 as modelling software to […]

Annual Writing Retreat

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Next week the DaMF lab shall be conducting its annual writing retreat, with 12 members of the lab attending. This year’s retreat shall take place at the Beach House, Exmouth, following on from a successful retreat there in 2017. So, expect to see a plethora of publications emerging in the near future….. p.s. we’re going […]

New paper – Mixed Reality Tools as an Enabler for Improving Operation and Maintenance in Small and Medium Enterprises

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Harry Whiskard, a former Research Assistant at the DMF Lab will be presenting the Lab’s work with Altuity Solutions Ltd at the 15th International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management on the 1-4 July 2018, Torino, Italy. The paper discusses the emerging mixed reality tools and their applicability in the operation and maintenance management of buildings. […]

European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2018

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I shall be attending the 4th European Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society, to be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands from 3-6 July, 2018 (PHME 2018). At the conference I shall be presenting some of my work, focusing on the results from a body of testing conducted last year, based around the operation […]

New paper – The Design of Visual Information Objects in Three-Dimensional Virtual Environments for Engineering Information Navigation

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Presented at the DESIGN 2018 15th International Design Conference in Croatia, the latest paper from the Model-Based Information Navigation project described the design of a number of Visual Information Objects – markers that identify the presence of information within the three-dimensional virtual environment. Below are a number of animated gifs showing the designed markers. Users […]

What is it all about?

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This project tests the hypothesis that Cyber-physical production systems can be developed much faster using “non-identical digital twins”. This is achieved by creating a lightweight, low fidelity, digital twin to a physical system and co-evolving this twin, together with adjusting, the parameters in the real system. The co-evolution is enabled by learning from both the […]

The Architecture of Anarchic Manufacturing

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Are traditional centralised and hierarchical structures too cumbersome for the digital age? Would a radical (and controversial) view to solving the shop-floor scheduling and control problem be better? With the rise of digital manufacturing technologies and Industry 4.0, many are considering whether current methods for scheduling and controlling (and ultimately decision making) will be able […]