Clean Access Challenge 6: Shared Toilets

Problem As our schools, universities, offices and workplaces are adapted to life with coronavirus, facilities such as bathrooms will also need to be amended in two main ways. First, to ensure social distancing protocols are adhered to, and second, to reduce the risk of virus transmission via numerous shared contact surfaces. These need to be […]

Design 2020 Papers Published

The DMF lab has had three papers published today in the proceedings of Design 2020. Though the conference has been delayed due to COVID-19, the proceedings are now all available via Cambridge University Press with open access. They are: A FRAMING OF DESIGN AS PATHWAYS BETWEEN PHYSICAL, VIRTUAL AND COGNITIVE MODELS During engineering design, designers […]

New journal paper: Model-Based Information Navigation for Engineering Documents

I’ve finally gotten around to publishing my PhD work in the Computers in Industry journal: Model-based information navigation provides a three-dimensional user interface (based on the product CAD model) as an interface to a search engine. Given engineers think visually and functionally and search engines are traditionally text based, the premise behind this work […]