Peter RossoPublicationsreDesign with Refactoring

CAD Variability: an overview.

I have been working on justifying the need for refactoring in CAD models. The results of this analysis will be presented at the CAD’20 conference which will be held on ZOOM this coming July due to COVID outbreak.

Variability in CAD modelling invoked commands in building the same CAD models.

The extended abstract Investigating and characterising variability in CAD modelling: An overview gives an overview of the variability in CAD models. This variability has been identified following an analysis carried out on CAD files and logs. The logs were recorded by James Gopsill using a logger developed for another research. The logs carried information regarding the modelling of the models above.

The experiment consisted in instructing users to design specific CAD models. While they were doing so their actions were recorded by a logger and the final models were collected for further analysis.

A more in-depth analysis will be published in the upcoming edition on CAD Applications journal.

The research is working its way from the literature and application of CAD models, exploring the idea of Editability in the field to the move into highlighting Variability in CAD models, modelling and CAD models Editability.

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