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PCA Toolkit V1

Version 1 of the PCA toolkit is shown in the picture below. It contains a first set of products and initiatives designed to contribute towards a safe transition out of lockdown. For more information about each entry please see below the picture. A PDF version of the toolkit can be downloaded with this link.

Reducing contact points

1.1 Interaction Design @ La Tadeo – Challenge 1. Helping people to move safely to and from home.

1.2 Interaction Design @ La Tadeo – Challenge 3. Enabling contact free cash transactions.

1.3 DMF lab designed printed products for reducing shared contact surfaces. These are: The T-pen, the USB pen interface and the upcycled USB.

Reinforcing and embedding good practice

2.1 Literature review on modes of viral transmission

Mitigating Airborne Spread

3.1 Small talk app

3.2 Open source device for monitoring voice loudness in commercial and education settings

3.3 Development of new masks for rapid manufacture and reduction in viral spread @ La Universidad de Los Andes

Encouraging Physical Distancing

4.1 Social distancing glasses

Making an Enjoyable experience for all

5.1 Interaction Design @ La Tadeo – Challenge 2. Development of board games to encourage good practice and mitigate misinformation spread.

PCA is an ongoing project and this toolkit will be updated with new designs and initiatives as they are completed. Keep an eye out for version 2!

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