PCA Toolkit

The T-Pen

The T-Pen design features a dongle with a “T” shaped head that allows the user to apply force in 3 axes to an adapter. The concept is for each person to have a T-Pen that is capable of working in adapters placed around a workplace, home, shop etc.. This would allow people to open doors and operate mechanisms without touching a surface someone else may have come into contact with – breaking the COVID-19 transmission path. A lid is also provided to allow the pen to be covered when not in use.

The T-Pen in action on office cupboards


  • Sealed contact interface prevents transmission (+)
  • Suitable for heavy doors (+)
  • Once engaged, apply force/torque in any direction (+)
  • Larger parts/longer print time (-)
  • Requires both key and lock components (-)

T-Pen: Print time ~1.5 hours; material cost ~£0.40; mass 23 grams.

T-Pen Lid: Print time ~0.25 hours; material cost ~£0.05; mass 3 grams.

Adapter: Print time ~ 0.75 hours; material cost ~£0.18; mass 11 grams.

Opportunities for improvement: Optimised for 3D printing; material reduction; ergonomic design; personalisation e.g. name/initials.

The T-Pen side profile

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