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PCA Interaction Design @ La Tadeo – Challenge 2

The Product Design department at the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano have been running PCA linked challenges as part of their Interaction Design course ‘Mediations’.

For the second challenge students were required to design games that could help educate or combat misinformation about the virus’ spread and causes. The resulting outputs (as shown in the pictures) demonstrate a wide range of ideas that can be useful in adapting to life with coronavirus whilst ensuring that all stakeholders including children can be engaged in the process.

Many thanks to the Product Design teaching team @ at La Tadeo and we look forward to seeing designs from the forthcoming challenges!

For more information please get in touch with the PCA team

Course Leads: Ivan Chaparro, Nataly Opazo, Jorge Ávila

Project MONERE: Juan David Abaunza, Andrea Borrero Ortiz, Laura Camila Rodriguez, Juan Diego Sastoque 

Project PAUSA DA: Camilo Ibáñez Betancur, María Prieto Jiménez, Melissa Sarmiento Narváez 

Project ESPIA PIA: Camila Castañeda Rojas, Andrés Castro Torres,  Paula Galindo Cabuya 
Rescue 1219: Juan Felipe Bejarano, Laura Moya Quiroga, Diego Páez Hernández 

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