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New Conference Papers – International Conference on Geometry and Graphics

In August I will be presenting at the 18th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics (ICGG), held in Milan, Italy. The peer-reviewed papers which have been accepted are:

  • From Orthographic Drawings to Editable Models of Simple Solids using “Reconstruction-Recomposition” coupled with Feature Recognition: explores reconstruction of parametric models using Fusion 360 as modelling software to construct a computer tractable object from a legacy drawing. Industries with long life products still have working products which designs are legacy drawing.
  • Orthographic Drawings Minting:  Testing for Indeterminate Solid Models Caused by Underepresentation: proposes a method to identify and prevent errors in an engineering drawing which lead to indeterminate model definition resulting in an ineffective communication through design and manufacturing process.

Link to publications will follow once each paper is available online.



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