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New paper – The Design of Visual Information Objects in Three-Dimensional Virtual Environments for Engineering Information Navigation

Presented at the DESIGN 2018 15th International Design Conference in Croatia, the latest paper from the Model-Based Information Navigation project described the design of a number of Visual Information Objects – markers that identify the presence of information within the three-dimensional virtual environment. Below are a number of animated gifs showing the designed markers. Users navigate the virtual environment and click on these markers to find information. We found that users overwhelmingly prefer to access information via components themselves, however, each of the other markers is still required in specific circumstances. The final gif shows some follow up work – how the markers cluster based on the distance between markers and the camera. The paper is available through Design Society publication repository.

Component-Of-Interest Point-Of-Interest Point-Of-Interest (Directional)
Region-Of-Interest Section-Of-Interest Layer-Of-Detail Strategy

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