The DMF at ICED 2023: Papers, papers, and more papers!

The DMF lab had their usual strong showing at the major conference for the research field last week, presenting 9 papers across topics ranging from prototyping to machine learning to neurocognition!

This year the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED) was held in beautiful Bordeaux, which blessed us with excellent weather, warm evenings, and one or two beers as the week went by.

A big congratulations in particular to Chris, who was awarded a best paper award for his work on establishing the affordances of different prototyping media and their impact on the prototyping process!

This year we had a huge presence, with 7 of the team presenting their work:

How do Prototypes Change? Characterising quantitative and qualitative changes between prototype iterations. Ric Real, Chris Snider, Mark Goudswaard, Ben Hicks.

How should we Prototype? Establishing the afforances of prototyping media and approaches. Chris Snider, Mark Goudswaard, Charlie Ranscombe, Chaunpeng Hao, James Gopsill, Ben Hicks.

A hierarchical machine learning workflow for object detection of engineering components. Lee Kent, Chris Snider, James Gopsill, Mark Goudswaard, Aman Kukreja, Ben Hicks

From haptic interaction to design insight: An empirical comparison of commercial hand-tracking technology. Chris Cox, Ben Hicks, James Gopsill, Chris Snider

Investigating the process, design outputs and neurocognitive differences between prototyping activities with physical and digital Lego. Adam McClenaghan, Mark Goudswaard, Ben Hicks.

Reducing prototype fabrication time through enhanced material extrusion process capability. Georgia Parry, Harry Felton, Rob Ballantyne, David Su, Ben Hicks

A sustainable computational design concept using web service methods. James Gopsill, Ben Hicks, Oliver Schiffman, Adam McClenaghan.

Plus two papers in collaboration with our international colleagues:

A critical appraisal of mixed reality prototyping to support studio design education. Charlie Ranscombe, Wendy Zhang, Chris Snider, Ben Hicks

Virtually hosted hackathons for design research: Lessons learned from the international design engineering annual (IDEA) challenge 2022. Daniel Nygaard Ege, Mark Goudswaard, Ole Nesheim, Sindre W Eikevåg, Øystein Bjelland, Kim A Christensen, Robert Ballantyne, Shuo Su, Chris Cox, Louis Timperley, Omsri Aeddula, Raj Jiten Machchhar, Ryan Ruvald, Jie Li, Sara Figueiredo, Saurabh Deo, Nikola Horvat, Ivan Čeh, Jelena Šklebar, Daniel Miler, James Gopsill, Ben Hicks, Martin Steinert.

We also had the 21CP team exhibit their first round of demos in the ICED exhibition – check out this post to see what they were up to!

Well done everyone, a brilliant showing all round!

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