DETI EC5.1 – Digital Thread: Phase Two Report Released

The second of three reports as part of EC5.1 has been released by DETI and concerns the reported practice in the Digitial Thread.

Executive Summary

Phase One of EC5—Digital Thread (reported in DETI-EC5_1-001) provided a definition of the Digital Thread along with seven types that need to be curated and managed by engineering organisations. Phase Two continues by reviewing the state-of-the-art in Digital Thread practice and collating this information into a report on Reported Practice, Standards, Related Technologies, and Skills. Further to this and given the emergent nature of the Digital Thread, the review also identifies opportunities for both capability development and research pull-through.

The review revealed that while the technology and practices in creating Digital Thread exist, the management constructs concerning requirements capture, mapping and registering Digital Threads is lacking. In addition, gaps exist in understanding the sensitivity of Digital Threads to the data and information flows that within them and how one may efficiently orchestrate Digital Threads at a systems level.

Phase Three, the next phase of EC5.1, will perform a series of “deep dives” to evaluate some key features and develop additional capability to support the Digital Thread. Combined, these reports will be used to inform the work in EC5.2 that incorporates elements of the Digital Thread into DETI and NCC practice.

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