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21st Century Prototyping at the ProSquared Network+ Launch

This week Chris and the team joined the launch event for the new ProSquared Network on the Democratisation of Digital Devices.

This 5-year network aims to connect industry and academia to find new ways to overcome production barriers at lower volumes, by making design, prototyping, and manufacture faster and more efficient.

Doing so will be critical for the future of products, supporting mass-customisation, production of medical devices that are directly tailored to specific users, and to create flexible and reactive supply chains.

The DMF team presented three demos to more than 100 network members from across UK industry and academia, including Chris’ Cox work on Virtual Reality prototypes, Lee Kent’s work on Mixed Reality prototyping, and the BAM project’s work on nation-scale additive manufacture supply chains.

Chris also presented DMF work in a technical session and sat on the expert panel during Q&A.

Many great conversations, new connections, and excellent opportunities. We look forward to what this brings next!

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