Virtually-hosted hackathons for design research

This video was originally presented at the Design Conference 2022 and provides an overview and appraisal of the International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) challenge – a virtually hosted design hackathon run with the aim of generating a design research dataset that can provide insights into design activities at virtually hosted hackathons. The resulting dataset consists of 200+ prototypes with over 1300 connections providing insights into the products, processes and people involved in the design process. More details can also be found in the paper on the link below where it provides recommendations for future deployments of virtual hackathons for design research.

It details findings from the International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) Challenge that was run in 2021 with teams from NTNU (Norway), University of Twente (Netherlands), University of Zagreb (Croatia) and University of Bristol (UK)  

The paper can be found at this link here. It provides further reflections and recommendations having run a hackathon for the purposes of design research

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