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The Workshop App goes live for alpha testing

The Workshop is a job scheduling tool for coordinating manufacturing in areas such as university workshops. It’s a collaborative initiative between the DMF lab’s project clean access, and industry partner CFMS.

It has been developed to enable the continued functioning of University manufacturing centres by assisting the transition to more virtual interaction with students and researchers. In doing this it reduces both potential shared contact points (through handling of USB drives and SD cards) and close proximity face to face contact.

The first phase of alpha trials will take place in the Digital Manufacturing Lab at the University of Bristol. Further roll out will follow at the University of the West of England, University of Bath and La Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota Colombia.

For more information or if you’d be interested in implementing the workshop please get in touch with James Gopsill or Mark Goudswaard.

James.Gopsill @

Mark.Goudswaard @

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