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ProtoTwinning project holds its inaugral steering committee meeting

On Friday March 22nd the ProtoTwinning project (Full title – Improving the product development process through integrated revision control and twinning of digital-physical models during prototyping) held its inaugural industry day and steering committee meeting. The day started with a brief history of the digital twin followed by five technical presentations and a tour of our new Digital Manufacturing lab. The technical presentations included:

  • Coupled prototyping methods: LEGO and FDM printing.
  • Digitally augmented prototyping methods for interactive products.
  • Coupled prototyping methods: additive, subtractive and clay.
  • Digital twins for tolerance stack-up.
  • A review of metrology technology and scan-to-model methods.

Many thanks to all of our partners: Altuity, Amalgam, Autodesk, Designability, Moulton Bicycles and Renishaw for a stimulating day and some fantastic input/steer. We are looking forward to working closely with you all on this exciting project.


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