Digital-Physical TwinningPerception of Mass

Looks like but does it feel like?

Harry has been completing early investigatory studies as part of his PhD work. This has focussed on the completion of a study, completed within the Department of Mechnical Engineering, that focused on how mass properties (mass, balance and inertia) affect a user’s perception of a product.

The study used a drill model printed on an Ultimaker 3 Extended, with mass added in different positions to maniulate the part’s mass properties. Three examples were created; a nominal printed part, a “top heavy” part and a “bottom heavy” part. Participants were then asked to use each of the drills to complete a task.

Image showing the study set-up.
The study set-up, with the three “drills” used.

The work demonstrated that mass properties have a significant effect on user perceptions of rapid prototyped artefacts, and was supported by industry. The work has now been writted up and submitted as a conference paper. Once published, this will be shared.

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