The DMF go to Design 2022!

This week the whole DMF gave a strong showing at one of our very favourite conference series – DESIGN 2022 – hosted by our friends at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. For the second (and hopefully final) time the conference was hosted virtually, but as always it was a great chance to present our work and reconnect with colleagues from across the world.

This year we presented 8 papers as a group, including two that received the prestigious Reviewers Favourite Award! Well done Lorenzo and Chris!

(Reviewer’s Favourite) Pro2Booth: Towards an Improved Tool for Capturing Prototypes and the Prototyping Process. Lorenzo Giunta, James Gopsill, Lee Kent, Mark Goudswaard, Chris Snider, Ben Hicks

(Reviewer’s Favourite) Integrated Physical-Digital Workflow in Prototyping – Inspirations from the Digital Twin. Chris Snider, Lee Kent, Mark Goudswaard, Ben Hicks

Prototyping through the Lens of Network Analysis and Visualisation. Lee Kent, James Gopsill, Lorenzo Giunta, Mark Goudswaard, Chris Snider, Ben Hicks

Exploring the Benefits of Remanufacture during Product Prototyping: A Cost and Time Based Analysis. Ric Real, Chris Snider, Ben Hicks

Virtually Hosted Hackathons for Design Research: Lessons Learned from the International Design Engineering Annual (IDEA) Challenge 2021. Mark Goudswaard, Lee Kent, Lorenzo Giunta, James Gopsill, Chris Snider, Filip Valjak, Kim Christensen, Harry Felton, Daniel Ege, Ric Real, Chris Cox, Nikola Horvat, Sampsa Kohtala, Sindre Eikevag, Tomislav Martinec, Marija Perisic, Martin Steinhert, Ben Hicks.

Through-lifecycle Whole-Design Optimisation using software deployment toolchains. James Gopsill, Ben Hicks

Improving mixed-reality prototyping through a classification and characterisation of fidelity. Chris Cox, Ben Hicks, James Gopsill

Does CAD smell like code? A mapping between violation of object oriented programming design principles and computer aided design modelling. Peter Rosso, James Gopsill, Stuart Burgess, Ben Hicks

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