Characterising UK Additive Manufacturing survey is now live!

Brokering Additive Manufacturing (BAM) is an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) research project developing and realising the potential of agentbased manufacture to support nation’s responsive, flexible, and resilient manufacturing capability. In particular, we are interested in meeting Big Demand scenarios, such as COVID19 that has led to sweeping changes in product demand.

To be able to develop and model realworld applicable agentbased manufacturing, it is essential that we capture the current state of AM in terms of its usage, demand, and the challenges and opportunities in implementing agentbased solutions. This questionnaire is fundamental in achieving this goal and your input will be valuable.

The survery can be found here.

How will the findings be used?

The findings will be presented in academic papers, conferences, presentations, and blog. The intended audiences for the outputs are the AM sector, users o f AM, policy makers and academia. Your participation in the project will help inform research to guide local and national policymakers on the optimum forms of support required by the AM sector to thrive in a nd beyond the current health and economic crisis and how best to respond to big demand. It will also inform the AM sector of current strengths and capabilities as well as give insight the challenges the need to be overcome.

Please help us in realising the full potential of AM in the UK.

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