Seamless Digital-Physical Prototyping

Seamless Digital-Physical Prototyping

The product development process requires an orchestration of physical and digital models of different qualities, fidelities, and capabilities.

A huge amount of work goes into managing these models, transferring between the physical and digital worlds, updating designs, and trying to align the information that each model and prototype provides.

But imagine instead that all models were intelligently linked across the digital and physical worlds. Where design changes in any model automatically update the others. Where test results are automatically shared and integrated wherever they are most useful. Where the physical world and digital world in engineering grow together and take the best of both, with no need for systems or work to bridge the gap between.

As part of a 4-year project we are developing the next generation of digital / physical models and systems, creating a fully integrated tool chain that allows engineers to work in the media that they want, when they want, and leverages the speed of computation and physicality of the real world to vastly increase understanding and capability while simultaneously reducing design cycle time and cost.

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