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DMF Lab Experience

Our skills like in rapid manufacture and effective/efficient low-end production using rapid manufacture systems. We do not have manufacturing capability to substantially support production efforts of any device, experience of design of medical devices or clinical knowledge, or testing facilities to confirm our designs functionality.

The DMF group is therefore concentrating on:

  • Refinement of existing designs for rapid manufacture, etc.
  • Acting as a conduit between projects and companies to increase opportunity for production at industry scale.
  • Offering our skills on a request basis

We see our primary design-based value resting in refinement of existing designs for manufacture and assembly efficiency, maximisation of standard parts, part count reduction, flat-packing and distribution etc.

Many designs, particularly open-source and low-end, make heavy use of 3D printing technologies, which are slow, inaccurate, and produce bulky parts. We have spent time demonstrating refinement of existing open-source designs to reduce manufacture time and simplify.

If you feel your project could benefit from our help, please contact us using our individual email addresses (on our people pages) or harry.felton@bristol.ac.uk.


The PCA Toolkit

The PCA toolkit V2.0

PCA toolkit V2 – Click here to see the PCA toolkit V2